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Lost and Found: 2 Years of Success and 130,000 Deliveries!

Since its creation, Flamingo Parcels has revolutionized the concept of surprise and anticipation with its unique lost parcel sales model. In just two years, we have passed the symbolic milestone of 130,000 orders delivereda performance that testifies to the confidence and enthusiasm of our customers.

A human and logistical adventure

The Flamingo Colis adventure is above all a story of logistical challenges and innovation. Thanks to our partnership with UPSwe ensure fast, reliable delivery by 11 working daysdirectly to your door. This success is based on a simple but captivating promise: the excitement of the unknown and the joy of discovery.

Packages full of surprises

Each parcel represents a unique story, a piece of the unknown ready to be discovered. The idea of not knowing what's inside your parcel until you open it creates an experience full of suspense and wonder, reinforcing the unique bond we forge with each and every one of our customers.

Into the future

On the strength of our first two successful years, we are determined to continue our mission of giving a second life to lost parcels and creating even more moments of joy and surprise for our customers. The future looks bright for Colis Perdus, with ever more innovations, personalized services and, of course, mystery parcels to discover.

Join the Flamingo Colis community

We'd like to extend our warmest thanks to all our customers for their trust and curiosity. You are an integral part of this adventure, and we look forward to continuing to share these unique moments with you. If you haven't yet tried the Colis Perdus experience, now's the time to join our community of discoverers of unexpected treasures.

Flamingo Parcelsis more than a delivery service, it's an invitation to adventure, to the excitement of the unknown, and to the joy of discovery. Together, let's celebrate two incredible years and look forward to a future filled with surprises and success.

In short, Flamingo Colis offers a unique Christmas experience, combining the excitement of the unknown with the joy of discovery. Get ready to see the smiles on your loved ones' faces as they discover gifts like no other. Visit our Colis Perdus website and let yourself be carried away by the magic of lost parcels this Christmas!

Buy lost parcels NPAI : Parcel lost by carriers

Buy lost parcels NPAI : Parcel lost by carriers

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