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Unearth the Case of the Century with our Unsorted Lost Parcels!

Have you ever dreamed of living the crazy adventure of lost parcels? To feel that incomparable thrill of unwrapping a package with totally mysterious contents? Then look no further: FlaminGoColis fulfills your wildest dreams with unsorted lost parcels at unbelievable prices!

Welcome to FlaminGoColis, The Temple Of Lost Parcels!

There's no sorting, no pre-checking: this is 100% chance, 100% surprises! Our secret to offering you the best prices on the market? Ultra-efficient logistics and astronomical quantities, which even enable us to supply our competitors. With FlaminGoColis, you've got everything you need to hit the jackpot!

Lost & Found for all tastes and budgets

Whether you're a high-tech enthusiast, a streetwear addict, a decor fan or a fan of unusual gadgets... Whatever your style, there's a FlaminGoColis parcel for you! We collect lost parcels from all over the world, from sites such as Cdiscount, Fnac, Nike or Amazon. The perfect way to indulge your dreams without breaking the bank!

A FlaminGoColis mystery parcel is like a piñata for adults. You never know what you're going to get, but it's always a great surprise!

- Marc, a lost parcel addict

Unbeatable Offers, Unbeatable Prices!

Want to try your luck without breaking the bank? Here's an overview of our top offers, at unbeatable prices thanks to the unsorted nature of our parcels:

🎉 5 kilos of mystery parcels 39.99 only!
🎉 20 lost parcels Cdiscount 68€ only!
🎉 5 lost Fnac parcels 50€ only!
🎉 10 abandoned Nike parcels 70€ only!
🎉 20 forgotten Amazon parcels 66€ only!

Join The Community, Share Your Unpacking!

At FlaminGoColis, every order is the start of a new adventure in which you are the hero. To make the most of this unique experience, don't hesitate to :

  • Film your unpacking
  • Post your best finds
  • Share your excitement with the community!

Thousands of lost parcel fans are waiting for you to thrill and marvel at your unpacking videos. Ready to become the new network star?

You Haven't Finished Being Surprised!

FlaminGoColis puts an end to routine and dullness: your day-to-day life is brightened by lost parcels that land on your doorstep by surprise! So don't wait any longer for this addictive pleasure: order your first unsorted mystery parcel now. Intense thrills and crazy bargains guaranteed... You've been warned!

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