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A wild sale of lost parcels sets Paris ablaze

Just imagine the scene: hundreds of people hurrying, almost jostling, to get their hands on those precious lost parcels, those mysterious treasures abandoned by the carriers. That's exactly what happened at our wild sale in the heart of Paris! It was a completely mad event, attracting no fewer than 2,000 customers from the four corners of the capital to try their luck and walk away with fabulous finds at knock-down prices. Let's take a look back at this crazy day!

A Surprise Sale That Creates Excitement

When we launched the concept of this special flash sale lost parcelswe expected it to generate a lot of interest. But we had no idea it would be so popular! By the time the doors opened, a huge crowd had already gathered, eager to discover the treasures contained in our mystery boxes.

From the very first minutes, the atmosphere was electric. Customers flocked to the 5kg, 10kg and more batches of lost parcels carefully prepared. It was up to whoever drew their credit card the quickest to walk away with the biggest haul!

Bargains by the thousands

The great thing about the Lost & Found concept is that there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for high-tech products, trendy clothes, original accessories or items for the home, there's something for every taste and budget!

Among the craziest finds at this sale were :

In short, there was something for everyone. Customers left with their arms full and smiles on their faces, delighted with their bargains unearthed at unbeatable prices. Some could hardly believe their luck!

Out Of Stock In Record Time

The only downside to this crazy sale was that we were sold out in no time! Despite a substantial stock, we couldn't keep up with demand, which was so strong. We saw our piles of parcels melt like snow in the sun!

In just 2 hours, we didn't have a single batch of lost parcels left to offer. Our 2,000 customers had literally raided our stock!

- Jérôme, event manager

We even had to turn away a few people at the end. But we promise to do it again soon, so that as many people as possible can enjoy our incredible surprise packages!

And it's just the beginning...

The crazy success of this wild sale confirms our desire to democratize the concept of lost parcels. All too often, these parcels end up being destroyed or resold at a high price. By offering them to the general public at ultra-competitive prices, we're giving them a second life, while enabling our customers to treat themselves to a real treat!

So believe us, after such a success, we intend to repeat the experience very soon. And not just in Paris! We've got lots of new projects in the pipeline to take the lost parcel concept to the four corners of France. Stay tuned, we've got lots of surprises in store for you!

In the meantime, don't hesitate to take a look at our site to discover our current offers. And if you've been lucky enough to take part in our Paris flash sale, tell us about your best finds in the comments!

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