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What is flamingo colis?

Our platform centralizes undelivered and unclaimed parcels. Every purchase is a surprise; dive into the unknown and rediscover forgotten treasures without knowing what you'll receive.

Do we know what's in the packages?

Neither you nor we know the precise contents of each parcel. To preserve integrity and anonymity, we never unwrap a parcel. Only the original label is masked to guarantee the confidentiality of the original recipient. So every purchase is a unique adventure, full of surprises.

An Ecological Solution

When you choose Flamingo Colis, you're taking part in an eco-responsible approach. We give new life to lost parcels, reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable way of consuming that respects our planet. Your choice has an impact

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10.5 million

is the staggering number of parcels that remain undelivered and unclaimed every year, never finding their sender.

10,500 Tons of CO2

A significant ecological footprint for items never received. Colis Perdus takes action to counter this unnecessary pollution

250,000 Packages

That's how many parcels Colis Perdus has already resold in the last 12 months. Turning losses into reunions and reducing ecological impact

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Ordering and delivery

Bank transfers are processed within 24 to 48 hours, order processing takes 5 working days and delivery takes 2 to 4 working days with DHL.

We only accept payment by bank transfer.

Yes, we ship worldwide. Including an additional charge at the time of your order if you choose to be delivered to another country.

To order, simply select your items, add them to your basket, fill in your details and proceed to payment by bank transfer.

If an item is damaged in transit or non-functional, we will refund it. However, if the contents of the package are not to your liking, there is no 14-day cooling-off period.

Values and Commitment

We are committed to eco-responsibility, the unexpected discovery of mystery parcels and the reliability of our service.

By reselling lost parcels, we help reduce waste and give products a second life.

Our packages are perfect for lovers of surprises and mystery items.

We are market leaders in the sale of lost parcels and offer a unique product diversification.

Thanks to our experience and product diversification, we are the only company to supply such a wide variety and quality of lost parcels.

Types of packages and products

We resell lost parcels in 3 ways: by weight, by carrier and by store.

Our packages may include items from Colissimo, DHL, DPD, FedEx, Mondial Relay and Chronopost.

We have parcels from stores such as Fnac, Leroy Merlin, ManoMano, Amazon, Asos and Cdiscount, Nike.

The value of the products in the parcels varies. You can find products from 1€ to 300€.

A parcel "by weight" is a mix of the different carriers available on our site.

Company information

Our corporate name is FLAMINGO.

We are located at 14 Boulevard des Frères Lumière, 29260 Lesneven, France.

You can contact us by e-mail at the following address contact@flamingocolis.com or by live chat via our AI on our website.

Our SIRET: 92520899300012

Our APE code is "Vente à distance sur catalog général (4791A)".

Come and visit us

Don't just visit our website, come directly to our showroom ! Choose your packages in person and take your finds home with you. A unique shopping experience awaits you on site at Lost parcels

14 Boulevard des Frères Lumière, 29260 Lesneven
Monday to Saturday - 09:00 to 18:00

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