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A Lost Parcel Flash Sale lands in Toulouse!

Attention bargain hunters! Flamingo Colis, the specialist in the sale of lost parcelsis coming to Toulouse for an exceptional flash sale! For just a few days, you'll have the unique opportunity to get your hands on mystery products at rock-bottom prices. Get ready for an extraordinary shopping experience!

Hundreds of lost parcels arrive in the Ville Rose 📦💗

Flamingo Colis will be setting up its ephemeral pop-up store in an undisclosed location in the heart of Toulouse. Thousands of parcels lost or returned by major e-commerce brands such as Cdiscount, Fnac, Amazon or even Nike will be offered at reduced prices. A real bargain!

Small or large appliances, high-tech, fashion, beauty, home decoration... These parcels are brimming with treasures of all kinds, from customer returns or unsold items. Instead of destroying them or storing them indefinitely, Flamingo Colis gives them a second life by offering them at unbeatable prices, with discounts of up to -70%.

The concept of selling lost parcels is a hit

Already very popular in the United States, the sale of lost or returned parcels is gaining ground in France. And with good reason: it's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to quality items at a fraction of their original price! The only downside is that the contents are a complete surprise. But that's precisely the charm of this new way of shopping!

Buying lost parcels is like going on a treasure hunt. You never know what you're going to find, and it's all very exciting! Sometimes there are really good surprises.

- Léa, a regular mystery shopper

In response to consumer enthusiasm for this innovative concept, Flamingo Colis is stepping up its flash sales across France. After Paris, Lyon and Marseille, it's now Toulouse's turn to host this unique event.

How does it work?

The principle is simple:

  • Meet at the sales venue (the exact address will be communicated at the last moment to preserve the element of surprise).
  • Choose the parcel size that interests you (from 1 to 20 kg) or opt for a themed mystery pack (high-tech, fashion, beauty...).
  • Pay your dues and discover the contents of your parcel at home, as if it were Christmas before time!

Packages are sold for between 2 and 5 times less than market value. Best of all, most products are brand new and still in their original packaging.

Package typePriceEstimated content value
Surprise Package 2 kg9,99 €30 € minimum
Mystery box 5 kg39,99 €100 € minimum
Mega Pack 10 kg69,99 €200 € minimum

When and where will the sale take place?

September 15 to 17, from 10am to 7pm, in downtown Toulouse. The 5pm to 7pm time slot will be reserved primarily for happy few who have registered in advance on the Flamingo Colis website to benefit from VIP access.

Our advice for the best chance of success? Come as early as possible! The best parcels usually leave within the first few hours. And with such attractive prices, stocks are likely to melt like snow in the sun...

About Flamingo Colis

Launched in 2020, Flamingo Colis is the first French website dedicated to the resale of lost or returned parcels. Its model is based on a win-win partnership with the giants of e-commerce and distance selling.

Our mission is to give millions of products a second chance, while enabling as many people as possible to make smart purchases.

- John Smith, co-founder of Flamingo Colis

Protecting the environment by combating waste while democratizing access to quality products: that's the credo of this RetailTech start-up. Based in Paris, Flamingo Colis continues to grow, and aims to open a dozen ephemeral stores a year across France.

Want to try your luck?

If you're tempted by the idea but can't make it to Toulouse, don't panic! You can also order lost parcels directly from the Flamingo Colis website:

So, are you ready to try your hand at the lost and found adventure? One thing's for sure: when you buy a Flamingo Colis mystery parcel, you won't go home empty-handed! See you in mid-September in the Ville Rose for 100% surprise shopping and 100% pleasure 😉

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