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Free delivery in Switzerland of lost parcels (NPAI)

Have you ever dreamed of receiving a mysterious gift, full of unexpected surprises? With Lost parcelswe make that dream come true. Our unique delivery of lost parcels NPAI in Switzerland offers a shopping experience like no other.

What is a NPAI Mystery Parcel?

NPAI (does not live at the address indicated) parcels are packages which, for various reasons, have not reached their original addressee. These mystery boxes can contain a variety of items, from electronic gadgets to clothing and home accessories. Their contents remain a secret until opened, making each delivery an exciting adventure.

How does our service work?

Our process is simple. Once you've placed your order, we select a lost package at random from our stock. Your mystery parcel is then dispatched via UPS and arrives at your door in just 11 working days.

Why choose Colis Perdus?

  1. The Excitement of the UnknownEvery package is a surprise. You never know what you're going to find!
  2. Fast, reliable delivery: Thanks to our partnership with UPS, your mystery parcels arrive quickly and safely.
  3. A Unique Shopping Experience: Buying from Colis Perdus means choosing adventure and excitement.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We believe in responsible consumption. By giving a second life to these lost parcels, we help reduce waste and promote a more sustainable consumption cycle.

Visit Lost & Found to begin your journey into the mysterious world of lost parcels. Who knows what treasure awaits you? Discover a new way to shop. With Colis Perdus, every delivery is a discovery, every package a surprise. Embark on this unique adventure and let yourself be surprised by the mysteries our lost parcels may hold! Let yourself be tempted by the Colis Perdus experience, and plunge into the exciting world of NPAI mystery parcels. Delivery in Switzerland has never been so exciting!

Buy lost parcels NPAI : Parcel lost by carriers

Buy lost parcels NPAI : Parcel lost by carriers

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